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Inviting entrées to tickle your taste buds!

Check out the classic Salvadorian entrées at Salvatoria Kitchen and Bar. Being the only Salvadorian restaurant in Astoria, NY, we serve authentic Salvadorian entrées such as carne salteada and pechuga empanizada. Take advantage of our happy hour specials between 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM, available from Tuesday to Friday.


Skirt steak - $19

Pico de Gallo/Beans/ Rice


Carne Asada- $16

(Flank Steak)

Rice/ your choice of beans, Fries or Salad


Carne Salteada - $18

(Sautéed Flank Steak)

Rice/ your choice of beans, Fries or Salad


Bistec Encebollado- $17

(Steak top w/onions & tomatoes Sauce)

Rice/ your choice of beans, Fries or Salad


Pechuga Salteada - $16

(Sautéed Grilled Chicken)

Rice/ your choice of beans, Fries or Salad


Pechuga Empanizada ó Asada - $16

(Breaded or Grill Chicken)

Rice/ your choice of beans, Fries or Salad


Pollo Guisado - $16

Chicken Stew/Rice/Salad/Tortilla


Camarones Asados ó Empanizados  - $19

(Grilled or Breaded Shrimps)

Rice and Salad


Mariscada a lo Salvadoreno - $32

(Seafood Combination w/Creole Sauce)

Rice/ Salad/ Tortilla


Pupusa (2) Combination - $15

Rice/Beans/Sweet Plantain/ Sausages/Sour cream


Especial Margarita - $29

Pechuga/Carne Asada/Camarones/Guacamole/Arroz

(Chicken breast, flank steak, shrimp, guacamole, rice)


Bistec a Caballo $17

Steak top w/2 sunny side eggs/Fries


Salvatoria breakfast $13

Two Sunny side eggs/ mix rice&bean/avocado/sausages


Chorizo con Huevos $13

Scramble eggs w/ Sausages/ rice&beans/Sweet Plantain/Sour cream


Baliadas $9

2 Soft Tortilla filled w/refried beans/Scramble eggs/Sour Cream/Avocado

Add: Chorizo, Pollo $1     Carne $2


Huevos Rancheros $8

Two Sunnyside eggs topped w/tomato sauce/refried beans/tortilla

Authentic Salvadorian cuisine

Locally-owned and operated

Savory sides

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Arroz - White Rice    

Papas Fritas - French Fries  

Frijoles - Refried beans

Frijoles Asados - Beans

Tostones - Crispy green plantain

Maduro - Sweet plantain w/Sour Cream

Aguacate - Avocado



Yuca Frita - Fried Cassava

Yuca Hervida - Steamed Cassava

Chimol- (Pico de Gallo) - Tomatoes, Onion, Cilantro

Casamiento - Mix rice and beans

Tortilla $1


Empanada w/ powder sugar - $3

(Sweet plantain filled w/creamy milk)


2 Scoop Ice cream - $4

Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry

Especial Margarita entrees hero entrees sup1 entrees sup2


These come with rice and salad


Sopa de Res- Beef Soup $14


Marinera-Seafood Soup $28


½ Lobster/Seafood mix/hard boil egg


Marisco- Shellfish Soup $19

Cream/ Crab/ Clam/shrimps/hard boil egg


Camarones- Shrimp Soup $16

Cream/6 shrimps/ hard boil egg